Alternative Entertainment in Cambridge – Club Freedom

January 24th, 2012 by Frank

Don’t know what to do now that Achtung! Cabaret is over?

Well why don’t you check out FREEDOM, Cambridge’s newest alternative entertainment event which offers free love, fetish and frolics in finery.

February 11th 2012, 6pm-3am. No entry after 10pm without prior arrangement.

Video Montage Live

January 21st, 2012 by Frank

After last night’s world premiere of the video montage from our latest event, we’re proud to present it on our website now. You can see it above, and on the event’s page.

Photographic Evidence

December 17th, 2011 by Frank

Last weekend we had an absolutely smashing Achtung! Cabaret event. We broke a new record for both attendance and performances, and a fantastic time was had all around. The steampunk and absinthe theme was a hit, and amazing costumes and outfits abounded.

Of course, on the internet the saying goes “pics or it didn’t happen”, so without further ado, here are the photo galleries by our official photographers, Al Pulford and Zoe Noir.

Click on a thumbnail above to go to the full gallery. The first row goes to Al’s pictures, and the second to Zoe’s.

All Systems Go – 11 Days and Counting!

November 30th, 2011 by Frank

We’re gearing up for our event happening on 10th December, only just 11 days to go now. Will Major Shaft manage to catch the green fairy before then, or will she appear at the event giving guests her taste of her wicked medicine?

Activity Superstore customer? Please visit our Activity Superstore Customers page for more information.

Hunting with Major Shaft

November 16th, 2011 by Frank

Major Shaft and Private Parts are at it again. This time they’re hunting for the Green Fairy. Where will their adventure take them? Will they catch the elusive green thing? Find out in The Notable Tales of Major Shaft, Gentleman Adventurer. With Private Parts.

The Adventures of Major Shaft, Gentleman Explorer

October 5th, 2011 by Frank

We invite you to join us for a celebration of the adventures of Major Shaft and sidekick Sergeant Dick, in a Victoriana steampunk, absinthe, and burlesque cabaret gala! Marvel at the incredible exhibits from Shaft’s many forays into almost certain doom. Harken back to the stories of his flings with exotic beauties, and come partake in his favourite forbidden fruit libation.

Our upcoming Achtung! Cabaret transports you back to an alternate Victorian era, where steam power and cogs rule, adventures are the order of the day, and the mysterious green fairy is all too real! With superb and uniquely memorable performances by the unforgettable Vivid Angel, the fearless Sophia Landi, the irreplaceable Morrigan Hel, and the inimitable Professor Elemental! Seducing your eardrums inbetween shows are the engineers of sonic salvation, DJ Mikki and friends.

Join us on this epic odyssey on Saturday, 10th December, from 8pm at The Talk, on Oak Street, Norwich. Tickets are £15 and are sold in advance only, and can be purchased from our website, and soon also from Rock Collection, on Lower Goat Lane, Norwich.

Hurry, there is a prize for one lucky winner drawn at random from the first 100 tickets sold!

And as usual, there will be a prize for best outfit, so get your goggles and corsets out, and dress to impress, in Victoriana, steampunk, burlesque, fetish or fantasy style!

New Event on 10th December

July 1st, 2011 by Frank

We are extremely excited to announce that our next event will take place on Saturday 10th December, at our usual venue, The Talk.

Until we are ready for a massive announcement, we’re keeping the details on theme and performers close to our chest, but rest assured that nothing short of extraordinary and truly unique will do for us here at Achtung! HQ.

Check back here or our Facebook page over the next few weeks for more information.

Tickets will go on sale within the next few weeks too.

Got an Activity Superstore voucher? It’ll be valid for this event (the expiry date has been extended from the one printed on the voucher.) Contact us for more information.

Next Event – Coming Soon

May 27th, 2011 by Frank

Just a quick update to say we’ve not been idle here at Achtung! HQ: we’ve just been busy planning for our best event yet, and the date will be announced soon. To keep informed of our progress, please join our mailing list for future updates.

Can’t wait? Then check out these other great burlesque and cabaret clubs happening in Norwich: – Varietease – No Strings Burlesque – Bo Nanafana

Activity Superstore customer? Please visit our Activity Superstore Customers page for more information.

Norwich Alternative Sale – 12/02/11/ – Alternative Valentines!

January 27th, 2011 by Frank

Saturday 12th February, 10am-5pm, Waterfront, Norwich NR1 1QH

A place to meet, to be entertained and most of all to shop for a range of items all suited for alternative lifestyles.

New & Second-hand Clothing, Shoes, Cakes, Books and Music are all examples of what can be found at the sales.

Items sold will fall under the categories of Goth, Cyber, Punk, Fetish & Adult, Quirky or Unusual.

A perfect chance to buy something you would not normally find in the shops.

Any size of business or stall is welcomed at the event from having a wardrobe of clothes to clear out to being a large shop with a range of stock to sell.

Norwich Alternative Sale is proud to promote local artists, and craftsmen (and women!) encouraging local traders and new businesses to come along as well as the larger well known companies. This all helps to provide our customers with a unique shopping experience without having to travel to London or Birmingham.

We will often have demonstrations, talks and shows please check out the news page for information or follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

The sale is strictly over 18’s only due to the nature of some of the stalls and entertainment provided.

Entry is £1.00 on the door.

Video Montage from Last Event

December 17th, 2010 by Frank

We’re excited to announce that the video montage from our latest event is now live, giving you a voyeur’s peek into our cabaret frolics, and the varied, tasty delights you will find therein!

Very soon we will also be updating the events page with an assortment of photos from the night.

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