23/10/10 Press Release for Achtung! Cabaret 6th November 2010

Achtung! Cabaret – Bringing Burlesque with a Bit More Bite to Norwich
Norwich, 23rd October 2010 –
Achtung! Cabaret is one of East Anglia’s fore-running producers of the increasingly popular, new range of burlesque entertainment in Norwich. Together the event is organised by Frank Reding, whose continental background gives him a special affinity with the burlesque scene, Norwich born alternative event promoter Karen Reding, DJs Mikki and Mz_Pink and an enthusiastic group of burlesque fans.

On Saturday, 6th November 2010, Achtung! Cabaret will be staging its fifth event at the cabaret venue The Talk in Norwich. From small and humble beginnings as Achtung! Fetish Celebration held in the top room of the Queen Charlotte in 2007, the eighth event moved to its biggest venue yet at The Talk due to the growing number of fans of Achtung! Cabaret events. About 250 burlesque enthusiasts are expected to attend the next event and, with audience participation positively encouraged, many attendees will be making spectacular sartorial efforts to appear
in their own kinky and crazy finery.
The distinctive feature of Achtung! Cabaret is that it caters for the naughtier end of the burlesque spectrum and is slightly more shocking than the average cabaret event. The success of the Norwich evenings relies on creating a safe, yet edgy, environment. Achtung! Cabaret events have certainly succeeded in giving the night life devotees of Norwich a chance to escape everyday inhibitions and don their most daring gladrags.
To keep things interesting, Achtung! Cabaret evenings have a theme. Past themes have included Americana, Heroes and Villains, with the theme for the forthcoming night being “Attack of the B-Movies”. Returning after their jaw dropping, and Youtube banned, performance at the fourth Achtung!, will be Kimera Hydra and Miss Elyssia. The Ropesluts will also be showcasing the swift knot work of Rod Macdonald, and new to Achtung! Cabaret is Panthera, director of the local UK School of Burlesque. Prepare to be titillated, roped, enthralled or worse!
Tickets for this event are £12 and are available online, from Rock Collection, Norwich and from The Talk itself. To see what happened at previous events, please visit http://www.achtung-cabaret.co.uk / , or find us on Facebook –

Head of School of Burlesque and starlet extraordinaire Panthera, as well as organisers Frank and Karen are available for comment.
Contact Organisers: Frank or Karen Reding (burlesque@achtung-cabaret.co.uk)
Contact Performer: Panthera (mail@schoolofburlesque.org, 01603 748236)
High-resolution pictures from previous events for press use are available on

Photo taken by Rod Penn (http://www.rodpennphoto.com/)

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