The Adventures of Major Shaft, Gentleman Explorer

October 5th, 2011 by Frank

We invite you to join us for a celebration of the adventures of Major Shaft and sidekick Sergeant Dick, in a Victoriana steampunk, absinthe, and burlesque cabaret gala! Marvel at the incredible exhibits from Shaft’s many forays into almost certain doom. Harken back to the stories of his flings with exotic beauties, and come partake in his favourite forbidden fruit libation.

Our upcoming Achtung! Cabaret transports you back to an alternate Victorian era, where steam power and cogs rule, adventures are the order of the day, and the mysterious green fairy is all too real! With superb and uniquely memorable performances by the unforgettable Vivid Angel, the fearless Sophia Landi, the irreplaceable Morrigan Hel, and the inimitable Professor Elemental! Seducing your eardrums inbetween shows are the engineers of sonic salvation, DJ Mikki and friends.

Join us on this epic odyssey on Saturday, 10th December, from 8pm at The Talk, on Oak Street, Norwich. Tickets are £15 and are sold in advance only, and can be purchased from our website, and soon also from Rock Collection, on Lower Goat Lane, Norwich.

Hurry, there is a prize for one lucky winner drawn at random from the first 100 tickets sold!

And as usual, there will be a prize for best outfit, so get your goggles and corsets out, and dress to impress, in Victoriana, steampunk, burlesque, fetish or fantasy style!