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Achtung! Cabaret is a night unlike any other in Norwich. Set at Norwich’s finest cabaret venue, The Talk, you’ll be treated to a range performances, from saucy burlesque, fun oddities, innovative acts, to the downright kinky.

Our resident DJs Mikki and friends entertain you inbetween acts, and crank up the volume for some dancing after the other shows. Tunes range from goth and industrial to sleazy rock and frilly jazz.

Tickets can be purchased from this website. A strict dress code is in place.


No new events have currently been announced.


The Talk is located on Oak Street in Norwich. The event is held in the main suite which is the signposted door and runway on the right as you face the venue. It’s only a short walk from the city centre, and has car parking spaces (although these tend to fill up).


For a list of people who have appeared or are about to appear at our events, please see our performers page.

Dress Code

Our safe and friendly environment ensures that you can take full advantage of our dress code of burlesque, fetish, and fantasy. Many events also feature a theme, expanding the dress code further. It’s time to dress up!


There will be one or two official photographers at the event, taking pictures of the performances and the audience. A selection of these pictures will appear in the gallery section on this site. Specific pictures may be used for promotional purposes with the subjects’ consent.

If you do not wish to have your picture taken at all, please ask for a “no picture” band at the entrance, and wear it prominently on your arm.

You are allowed to bring a camera, but please heed the following guidelines. If you fail to do so, you may be asked to leave your camera at the door, to be returned only when you leave.

  • Always ask the person(s) you wish to take a picture (or video) of to make sure that they are okay with it. Absolutely no exception to this rule.
  • Check that your picture does not include other people in the background who you have not asked.
  • Any pictures taken are to be purely for personal use, and not to be published professionally.


Our events occasionally have some pieces of kinky furniture dotted about the place. Please use this equipment responsibly and follow the guidelines below.

  • Always ask the other person for consent before you play with them. A ‘no’ at this point really is a ‘no’. Never force anyone to do anything they do not consent to or you will be thrown out.
  • Rule two is the same as rule one. It bears repeating.
  • Agree on a safe word with the other person. When you hear them speak it, cease your play and release them as necessary.
  • If you restrain someone, do not ever leave them out of your sight, until you have released them.
  • If you’re confused about how a particular item works, or where the keys to a pair of cuffs are, ask the organisers.

Activity Superstore

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